Provide Access to Education, Nutrition and Healthcare for Every Child in Yemen.

How it works

Yes, its that simple.

Our mission is simple. Provide education, nutrition and healthcare to children across Yemen. In order to achieve this, we have to create goals that contribute to different aspects of our mission. These goals each have one aim in common, to rebuild Yemen, and get it back on its feet. Through education, the future generations of Yemen can rebuild their country, and make it a prosperous nation that serves its people.

The road to self-Sufficiency

One step at a time.

1 - Provide Basic Services

Essential basic services such as water, healthcare and education will be provided. More than a million people are suffering from cholera, the number can be reduced with adequate healthcare. Children have missed out years of education, therefore a focus on critical thinking and problem solving can help them catch up with the world. Electricity has been cut out, one light bulb can make a difference as students can study at night and households can cook at night too. Supplying clean water is also essential as many people in Yemen are suffering from famine.

School student looking at his damaged school
Here is where coffee is made

2 - Support agriculture

We setup farms that are able to grow food using cost efficient methods in every camp and village. This provides and opportunity to teach the locales and children about sustainable farming and learning to be independent of aid. This reduces the dependency on unreliable methods of feeding the population, such as international aid.

3 - Economic Development

We develop a market within each refugee camp, in which refugees can own stores and sell goods and services. Amongst the people displaced from war are doctors, engineers, teachers, architects and of other professions. It is essential to give them the resources to get back to work and assist in the development of Yemen. We also encourage entrepreneurship and leadership among the youthth. These elements all add up to ensure that there is an economy with jobs are available for the citizen.

A busy market in Yemen
A building in ruins following an airstrike

4 - Rebuild

Rebuilding is the final step to insure Yemen gets back to being an independent and self-sufficient nation. Rather than building new infrastructure, hospitals and schools, we should focus to rebuild that which was already working well before the war. This process will be cheaper and will connect with the residents of Yemen, as it will be seen as a step forward to bring back Yemen.