Help alleviate the lives of millions of children across Yemen.

We believe every child should have access to nutrition and education.


The world's largest humanitarian crisis

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has had a major impact on the vulnerable population, forcing millions of people out of their homes and to rely on humanitarian aid. Vital infrastructure such as schools and hospitals have been destroyed due to daily air raids. Children have missed years of critical education, and the general public lacks access to any sort of medical care. Aid is constantly blocked and stolen, leaving millions on the brink of famine. Limited access to clean water has led to a cholera outbreak that has affected 1.2 million people, mostly children, since 2017.

3M people

3M children

8.4M people
on brink of famine

How you can help

Money is not the only way to help. You can always help by spreading the word of the struggle.

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